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More than 23 754 Issued Cards

Our bank is an acknowledged leader in credit card distribution. We issue more than 5000 cards every year.

Up to 30% Cashback

We offer an amazing amount of cashback for payments made with one of our credit cards - Blue, Green, or Orange.

Up to 25% for Deposits

Bank of Communications offers various deposits in all international currencies with interest rate up to 25% for all regular clients.

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Reliable and Secure Credit Cards and Deposits for You



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Personal banking with easy-to-use features that help you focus on what matters.

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Security features like real-time alerts.

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It only takes about 5 minutes to open an account

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Fast and Secure Money Transfer All Over the World

Submit your form with the amount to be sent and the service charge to the branch representative

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Including a $0 Liability Guarantee that covera fraudulent transactions .

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